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Austin Palliative Care’s home visit concept is exceptionally appreciative and personable – exactly what we need since our lives have been turned upside down financially, mentally and emotionally. [Nurse Practitioner] Anne Butler has been a part of our lives for several months, now. Though our medical needs are not “problematic” at this time, her inquiries and availability are impactful. More importantly, just knowing that being present in our home makes it easy to speak freely on our concerns regarding the healthcare we are receiving or will expect and an array of other topics. Just seeing us, ensuring our needs, and simply caring if we are “all right” – that’s Anne.

Brian, we are grateful for you!!! See you in 6 weeks or so!

Brian, I am so grateful this line of work found you. Grateful on behalf of my mom, myself, my family, and all of your other patients. You were such a massive resource for us. Thank you for making such a terrible thing easier.

I am writing you to compliment Nurse Practitioner Anna-Michele Taylor who has been following my wife over the past several months. As a physician who has practiced almost 60 years (and hired and supervised many nurses), I feel privileged that Ms. Taylor is caring for my wife. Ms. Taylor without a doubt is one of the finest, most knowledgeable, most thoughtful, kindest and thoroughly professional people I have ever encountered. Her skills and her up to date knowledge and very detailed and practical advice are to be noted and respected and documented by both my wife and me. In short, in addition to the above, Ms. Taylor is a godsend!

You guys were like glowing sunshine. God bless you all. Thank you.

Dr. Tindall & Anna-Michele are wonderful.

Thank you to the entire staff of APC, what a blessing your staff has been, better than any other I have encountered and I thank God for that and y’all!

Thank you so much for all your footwork and assistance. I greatly appreciate you and everyone in your office, who always seem to go above and beyond. Heard that your office and employees got some kind of award, and I can see why. Your office and employees from doctors on down to everyone else seem to go out of their way to do an excellent and outstanding job, and it shows and reflects in everything you and everyone in the office does, thank you!

I have really appreciated having the care team come to our home and being able to call them with questions and concerns. They have been helpful with medications, reassuring and comforting regarding the issues we are facing. I am very thankful for the expert care.

Keep up the great work, Anne has been an Angel!

Brian King is wonderful in every way. We are grateful to have him on the team.

Very caring and professional.

Brian King is excellent and always available for questions, support and solutions. He is the best.

Brian is awesome. We are grateful!

Anna-Michele is great!

Brian has been informative and comforting for both me and my wife.

Love Dr. Kate Tindall

The monthly home visits are supportive and comforting. I highly recommend Austin Palliative Care.

Everyone listens well and answers questions so I understand – very caring – highly recommend to friends..

I really appreciate the patience that has been shown to me and my husband.

I would not be as content or as relaxed as I am without the support of Anna-Michele stopping at my house.

Brian King was quick to read the room and met us exactly where we were. He is kind, compassionate and intuitive. We thought we had an idea of where we were but his transitionary translation provided confidence that we were exactly where we were supposed to be. He was mom’s favorite.

Brian has been really good with us and we are so glad to be working with him

My care team has been very helpful and responsive to my needs.

Shelley was very kind and caring. The staff in the office was always very helpful. Thank you!

Dr. Tindall is very good with patients. She’s just lovely. And she’s made changes in my medications and now I can get around more. Before the pandemic, she would come out to the house to see me, and it was so much more relaxing than having to use up my energy to shower and get dressed and go in to a doctor’s office. I was seeing her one-on-one in a comfortable environment – my home. And now, the telehealth has been great – no problem at all.

I only wish I had called sooner! Thank you for caring for my loved one and helping me keep him in our home.

Brian King – there isn’t enough ink and paper to compliment this incredible individual to the extent he deserves. Wow! He walked in and within hours, our entire outlook, situation, and life changed. He spent almost two hours diagnosing, getting to know my mom, and truly making a plan of care for her. By the end the evening, he had her nausea shut down and her pain to a manageable level. He took care of things like thrush that no doctor had ever bothered to consider. My mom’s trust in him grows every time he sees her. He took care of a constipation issue with the most grace, dignity and professionalism that I cannot even begin to explain. He gently counseled her and so awesomely explained how serious her condition is without being downtrodden about it. I know my mom has been able to have her best days the last four weeks. These are days her body would not have endured without using Austin Palliative Care. And it has helped make my job as a caregiver much easier. (You can quote me.) I am your biggest fan, and Brian is our Hero!

The family would like to sincerely thank Shelley Baker, RN, MSN, FNP-C of Austin Palliative Care for the incredible care and support she provided, as well as the team at Hospice Austin and the many nurses who provided great care for her amidst the stressful backdrop of a global pandemic.

Shelley has been very informative and relieved the stress my parents were going through. Highly recommend.

Great service. Really appreciate all the support!

In the short time that I have the chance to benefit from PC, I have received very good care from one of your angels, Shelley, she is one of the best.

Best health care decision for my mom. Wish this approach to healthcare was more broadly embraced.

Brian is an amazing nurse. He’s attentive to my needs and offers suggestions to improve my quality of life.

Shelly is so great that I wish she was our personal healthcare provider our entire life and talking to Dr. Tindall was like we knew each other forever.

If they got any better than Shelley they must walk on water.

So grateful for this service!

Continue what you’re doing. Shelley and all of the staff were compassionate, knowledgeable just totally wonderful. May God bless each and every one of you.

We are very grateful for this service.

Brian is a great person, very personable and always answers my texts. Very good at his job.

Radhika is one of the best at coordinating complicated matters. She receives an A+

Brian has been wonderful to my mom. Kris and Laura have been wonderful to give information and find out anything we needed.

Great people that care Shelley, Kris and Laura – all the best.

Excellent Team!

Very competent – knowledgeable – kind. Know I am in good hands.

Shelley has been very supportive and informative. We rely on her and are thankful for her.

Gifted and caring people.

Most strongly recommend Radhika Nayak. She is the absolute best – couldn’t be better.

Radhika is very competent and caring.

The team has been very helpful in the care of my son!

Brian King – wonderful! I am so grateful to have him on my mom’s support team!

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